Earth Dragon Portal- Blood of the Ancestors

Earth Dragon Portal- Blood of the Ancestors

As the energy of the Lunar Eclipse builds, we are considering many things going on in our world. The dichotomy of extremes within us, and in our external world playing out. As the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer unite. What does your Soul call out? What can you hear humming in your blood?

lunar dragon

So here we are at the Precipice of a portal. Are you going to walk through or linger on the periphery.

Are you going to remember the pledge made by your ancestors. Throughout the Eons of time, through the many Ancient cultures and lineages.

The memory that your blood is calling, that indeed you are the answered prayers. The revered one, that would return.

The stories were written about you!!

You are Blessed one, the ancient one awakening to yourself.

You are the Seer, walker between Worlds, the bridge between Heaven and Earth.


It is time, do not hesitate, walk through.

As the Sun and the Moon unite as the Celestial Lovers that they are.

Seize the boon of a lifetime. To claim the holiness that you have always been.


O Ancient child of the Universe

Claim your power, unite the Dragons within you.

Do you not know that all is in the Earth is You?

The Dragon lines that run through Sacred Gaia, are your veins carrying Life.

Wake from the dream of separation, awaken, reclaim.

To doubt is to slumber. So break the chains of lethargic inertia.

Your power is vast, it is unfathomable, courage and faith will forge the way.

Into the portal. This is the moment you decide are you going to carry on playing small?

You have the Stars at your feet, Your Destiny shimmers before you.

Are you going to meet it this lifetime?

© Layla

dragon eye

Art by unknown artists

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