Dreams are the Whispers of Our Soul

Dreams are the Whispers of Our Soul

Dreams are the Whispers of Our Souls

With the waning moon in Pisces at present the Neptune energy inspired me to think about our dreams and manifesting those dreams into tangible form.  The obstacles we face and the emotions that are stirred up within us.  So if you are struggling with a dream that you just can’t appear to bring into form, this exploration may help you shed waking light onto your dream reverie.

When we have planted the seed of our dream despite the fears and doubt, and the darkness of the shadows that cloud our mind. We plant our seed, what next? In the waiting, in the anticipation that excruciating uncertainty. What now? Isn’t waiting the hardest things?

Patience the Universe is roaring, your dream is still a seedling not yet grown and you cannot will the seed to sprout. You can visualise all you like but the shoot will grow in its own time.

Don’t you find that once you have made a decision about something in your life it is crystal clear the direction that you want to take.  An Epiphany a beam of light, and your body is suddenly so light once you have dropped the baggage of doubt and confusion.  You stand tall and decide, yes I’m done I no longer need this in my life.  I’m done with it.

But then it appears to get cloudier and cloudier, the body is full of different emotions until you have no clue where to even start.

When you get confused it is the usually the sadness that comes next, you asked yourself questions like how can I have carried all this baggage around all this time I can’t believe how I got so far away in the first place. Once you have felt the depths of the sadness, the depths of sorrow.  Then comes rage, the burning fire within, I can’t believe how I got here? I can’t stand this anymore, I WANT OUT.  When you’re met with the feeling of anger and the outer reality is that you are confined for the time being as your dream, the seedling is not ready to shoot as yet.  Or it may have become a little shoot but not yet strong enough to become a plant as yet. Things just aren’t moving as quickly as you want.  You then feel despondency and apathy, you experience doubt I don’t know whether it will ever change for me, will my dream ever come to fruition?  Then you are trapped in this negative cycle of thought and your mind is caught up in the thoughts of I’m not good enough, I’m not going to make it.

That shoot that was growing now is having to weather the storms of your negative thoughts so slowly is becomes weaker.  If you get caught up in that dark energy there is no light for the shoot so it dies. The dream dies.

Is this a familiar cycle for you? If so how do you change it?

The only way to do actually bring your dreams to fruition is to look at each stage of the cycle you are at and act at each stage, here is how;

Once you have the Epiphany – Take the first step with your dream an actual action step don’t just allow it to be just in your mind.  For example if you are looking for a job, sign up to some job search websites.  If you are planning to leave a relationship, start looking for places to go to, address your budget etc.

When you experience the sadness allow it to flow but again do it with practical steps, for example write a journal, talk to a friend about how you feel, see a therapist etc.  Don’t just keep it to yourself otherwise you will get stuck. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability to yourself and others who you trust allow them to support you. Do not talk to negative people otherwise you will be swamped with negativity, remember your little shoot of dreams needs to be protected.  Also continue your practical steps don’t stop taking those steps because you are feeling sad.

Expression of rage and anger is important to express safely through writing about it, screaming in your car, beating up the cushions and letting it go.  Usually anger is about frustration and frustration usually comes when you are not seeing results or are stuck.  So again keep taking steps.

You may still feel apathy and despondency when you do, pray and surrender these feelings to the Divine.  Ask for signs, ask for help from Angels, Ascended Masters and keep an eye for those signs that are answered prayers.  These could mean acting on the promptings given.    This would also be a good time to get some reiki, massage and healing as this feeling in particular can really feel heavy in the body making you feel tired and lethargic.  You can be effected as you may feel like you don’t want to take any action. However you need to keep the action going even if it’s small steps.

The action steps are important because we need to see tangible form and the action steps help ground our energy into the Earth energy.  Our dreams are Cosmic form grounding into the Earth energy to be formed into manifestation. Without the action steps they will remain dreams as they have not yet been grounded and seeded.

Above all keep faith, it may be that your dream will happen in a way that you may never have imagined.  This is why it is important to surrender it to the Divine and ask for the good of all, to let it go.  As holding on can mean you may end up chasing a dream yet you’ve missed an opportunity that would have been even better.  This is because when we have a dream or desire we are at a certain level of consciousness when we created that dream, however we then block ourselves from the Universal Divine source that has so much more for us then we can even imagine at this stage. We also forget that the Universe aligns itself and the timing is in itself Divine.  So the Divine has even more in store for us than we can ever imagine, to the Divine essence we are unlimited beings.

Don’t give up on your dreams Dear friends, sometimes it may be just at a crucial time when all is in alignment that we give up and lose out on the treasures of our own quest. Dreams are our inner callings, the Souls will to express and expand through form.  To give up and to allow our dreams to die we ignore the whispers of Divine essence within and with the death of our dreams we too die to the Magic of Creation.  As part of our Soul is lost and fragmented, the loss of dreams affects us on every level physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So Dream your Dreams Dear Friends and may your Dreams grow Wings and take Flight to the Open Skies.

Mumtaz  <3




Found on techniqueforastralprojection.com Pinterest

Found on techniqueforastralprojection.com

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