Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You

Dreaming of You

My head is full of You
So full that it is bursting like a Supernova
Stars shining through Me
Beyond even my own perception of Me
Where am I ?
Who am I?
The Cosmic Sky replies, We are One.

I am whirling in the Galaxies, Dancing with the Stars
Swinging my hips in the Heavens
Ecstatic to hear, that you are here with me
Each beat of You, I hear within my Heart
Each breath, I feel in my Soul

When did I ever forget that You and I are One?
When did I ever abandon myself within myself?
The longing, the yearning, the lamenting
Only to find You had never left.

Let me sleep in Your lap my Beloved
Let me rest my head and eyes
So that I can behold my dreams whilst I am awake
For I can never fathom You with my eyes alone

My love I have searched for You within every Realm
Yet I found You here within Myself
Let me experience You, within me once again
Let me never let you go
Hold me Forever in this Embrace
So that even if my mind tells me that you are gone
I can feel your arms around me
To awaken me to the reality of what Is.


Art by Toni Carmine Solerno

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