Divine Lover

Divine Lover

Divine Lover

The mist is lingering and the trees stand tallBreathless

Like mystical creatures, coming awake from Eons of sleep

My breath is heavy, my chest heaves

As I run from tree to tree

The wind howls, through the shadows

My hair is dishevelled, wet from anticipation

My heart beckons, you called me here

Yet I cannot see you!


Where are you my Beloved?Anguish

My heart races as I search with every breath

Bewildered, lost, aching for you

Heart beats are magnified

The yearning will surely rip my heart, straight from my chest.

I cannot bear this enchantment.


Falling to the cold ground I collapse,

My body withered, tired of the struggle

It surrenders to the longing of you

Letting go of any torment

It floats like a fallen petal.



I feel you, you whisper into my ear

‘I was always waiting for you, my Love, yet I could not reach you,

Each time I moved towards you, you pushed me away.’

Startled I open my eyes to see

Through the dim light I see a faint shadow,


Holding me, arms outstretched.

In the light I could not make out the face.

I answer; ‘How could this be? I yearned for you all the time, my heart breaks for you.’

He moves closer, mesmerised I look deep into his eyes.

‘My dearest I could only reach you when you let go of the struggle,

And allowed the pain to open you completely.

Only then I could walk out of your heart.’

Heart Beat

Art by Charmaine Olivia


  1. I love this. Can I read it out at our story telling event, it’s in Milnsbridge Huddersfield. I will share your site of course. x

    • Hi Julie
      I would be honoured for you to recite my poem .. thank you so much for your appreciation.
      Kindest Regards .. Mumtaz Layla <3


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