Diamond Light Portal – Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer and Equinox

Diamond Light Portal – Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer and Equinox

Beautiful Souls, I trust that this post finds you well. We are moving towards an act of grace itself. A moment of such powerful magnitude an opportunity for transcendence. This is the Solar Eclipse, New Moon Equinox energy portal of 2020. I spoke about the potential of 2020 for manifestation and dream/ destiny  fulfillment. This portal will empower and elevate this energy, it is a fertile moment of pure potential.

This portal is the doorway to a zero point, reset, new beginning. An opportunity for you to access the codes for transformation, a DNA code aciviation. That will assist you in walking with awareness into a timeline. Where you have the potential to reach your highest vibrational trajectory. But you must make the conscious choice to do this, to walk through this portal. Are you ready to accept this level of transformation, where your cellular body transmutes and alchemises into more of the crystalline form?  This will mean that your magnetic energy will amplify. You will be able to create at such a magnitude that you will astound yourself by our own success. It is a life changing moment you are stepping into. You will never be the same again, if you make this choice.

Yet your heart has yearned for this grace. Your Soul knows that eons ago you made this your pledge. To seed into Gaia, your mission is to vibrate at the highest level of consciousness. To embody the diamond light that you have always been. To let go of the smallness, the limitations, the separation and beliefs of lack that you have held onto for so long.

There is a lot going on the World, that can distract you from making this choice. There are other timelines and webs of consciousness, that have been purposely created to distract you, with lower vibrational frequencies. For those of you who have been drawn to read this, know deep in your heart. That your heart beats to a different tune. Your Soul stirs for all that you have longed to live. So my Beautiful One do not hold yourself back. Walk through this diamond light portal with awareness. Choose to believe that you are the sovereign being of your own destiny, and the master of your own life. Yet you are so loved and surrounded by helpers and allies, ready to assist you. You must ask them to help you, in order for them to be able to support you.

As you make this choice you will elevate the energies on Gaia, and connect with other Starseeds, connecting to the crystalline light grids. Connecting into the core of Mother Gaia at her crystal core. Anchoring light so that it can amplify, tapping into the New Earth energy, the New Age. You were born for these times. you are the answered prayers of your Ancestors.

Love Always Layla

diamond light

Art from various artist including Amanda Clarke.

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