Demon of Love Lilith

Demon of Love Lilith

Lilith 6

Lilith is associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power. She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled.

Although Lilith has often been depicted as a demon with dark traits, this is not a true representation and she was only turned away from paradise, according to Hebrew legends, as she stood firm in her belief in equality, refusing to be submissive and offer her body as a sexual gift to Adam solely for his pleasure. To replace Lilith, Adam was given Eve who was willing to obey him and, unlike Lilith, she was subservient and played the role of a dutiful wife.

Lilith is a fine inspirational example of a female that seeks to be treated fairly and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in—even if it means she is cast out, ostracized and isolated. Her mission is to promote equality, fairness, courage and most of all liberation from patriarchy at any cost, both to align with her own morals and sanity as well as for the evolution of all living beings.

As Lilith was cast from the Garden of Eden, her presence makes us aware of the wounds we have previously received due to rejection, abandonment or neglect of any form, so that we understand that when someone turns us away it is not a reflection of who we are as a person. Often this happens because the person who turns us away feels emotionally uncomfortable in some way, or we have challenged them to open up and accept that not everyone is going to conform to whatever their expectations may desire.

Lilith was punished and rejected simply for being her true authentic self and her influence over these matters entices us to let go of the worries we have about what other people think about us and it also encourages us not to take cruel and needless criticisms straight to the heart. Being ourselves is never something we should feel ashamed of; we are unique beings, and we should not be made to feel unworthy just because others do not see our light, rarity and value.

Lilith is fiercely independent, decisive, determined and she does not suffer fools. Lilith’s energy is here to support us as we gracefully say goodbye to anyone or anything that wasn’t meant for us and we also release the pain and tension that has built up through attempting to hold on for far too long. Lilith illuminates our shadow side including our incessant yearnings, desires and temptations—as well as the intense, raw, unpleasant emotions that have been simmering away in our unconscious mind. The insights we will be receiving are a blessing and all of these things swirling in the undercurrent are being unearthed so that we can acknowledge, process and understand our emotions fully before we cleanse and lovingly release them from our psyche.

The main impact that Lilith will have on us is within our relationships as she harmonizes and helps us to bring them into balance, assisting us with sieving out any that have consistently been pulling as under. This gives us the space to create, or to focus our undivided attention on, nourishing intimate soul-to-soul harmonious connections that bring with them the highest levels of bonding, trust, closeness and togetherness, as they are immersed in unconditional love while being entirely devoid of illusions and codependence.

We will notice an internal shift happening as we are no longer willing to try our hardest to please and pander to those who do not treat us respectfully or with kindness, and we will place our self-worth in a sacred place of importance where it deserves to permanently sit.

Lilith is often pictured with an apple in her hand as in the Garden of Eden she turned herself into a serpent to tempt Eve into eating the apple, as it was the fruit of all knowledge. Lilith’s intention was one of sisterhood, not of vengeance, as she hoped that by eating the fruit Eve would gain the ability to see Adam with clarity and become wiser, more aware and empowered in her femininity so that she would not compromise herself solely to please him.

Lilith now extends the essence of the same fascinating energy of this forbidden fruit so that, like her, we also have the insight, knowledge and courage required to see our situations clearly and break free from any harmful, outdated cultural demands and unfair projections.

We are being called to take the lead in our lives and to own our beauty, sexuality and sensuality without feeling as though it is something we have been gifted purely to pleasure and satisfy the needs of the opposite sex. This applies to both males and females. This is our time to accept ourselves in our full glory and to bite and taste the delicious fruit of life without feeling guilt, fear or remorse.

We will start to notice a new wave of confidence and inner strength that will empower us to step into our wholeness and live our lives to the full while understanding that every experience we have holds significant importance and that it is absolutely okay to make a variety of mistakes as we wander—as we will always learn vital soul expanding lessons through them.

Alex Myls – Elephant Journal

Lilith 2

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also helps us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within.

We Begin

Beyond the vast darkness I want to see, are my eyes closed shut?

I am afraid to peek through the vastness of shadow lurking in the depths of darkness.

I want to scream, I want to yell, and unleash my voice, till I’m hoarse.  Till there is no voice left in me. Yet something holds me back.

I want to cry, I want to weep, yet my eyes are dry like the desert in the scorching sun.

My body feels weary, so weary, tired each limb wincing in pain holding some hidden memory.

Latching on as if etched on my very bones.

I feel chained a prison in my body and mind.

Where is my will, my determination, I am left as if some battle weary being, hovering between the wasteland of some barren land.  Heavy jaded, I drag myself as if listlessly wandering through the fog.

I cry out in the lonesome darkness.

‘Please help me.’

Through the deep darkness I sense an energy, I find it hard to see yet I can make out her through the murky atmosphere. As she comes nearer I see her more clearly and she is voluptuous in her form, jet black hair and smouldering red eyes.  She walks over to me as if the gliding.

I am stunned by her magnetic presence, unsure and alarmed at the magnitude of her power.

She looks at me and laughs;

‘Who did you expect? ‘

As I contemplate on her question, she looks at me as if delving into my mind. Her ivory translucent skin glowing in the darkness.

So turn to me and looks me straight in the eyes, her eyes blazing.

‘Enough ‘She shriek’s, I gasp and step back in bewilderment.

‘Enough of this victimhood, do you not see that You who are my child, are frightened and feeling thinking of yourself as less than. How dare you’. She grips me by the shoulders her hold is strong yet strongly comforting.

‘Bring up that rage within you that you dare not admit to yourself, tap into that fire that you are too afraid to unleash.  Without going to those places of complete darkness of depth, those demons that you are so afraid to unveil, how can you know yourself?  You are a lukewarm version of yourself, easily trampled, easily swayed, and easily pushed.  Until you unleash the fire within, how can you light the dark sky and make is crimson within your will.  This is where your will and determination are, those that you have lost, they are deep within your sacred womb, deep within your raging self. ‘

‘You have trampled over yourself, you have crushed yourself, and you have pushed down all the hate, the desires, the passion, the love, the longing.  Anything that you did not approve of, anything that was inconvenient.  Well how can the wild rebel exist, if you are too afraid to meet that ferocious part of your nature? ‘With these words she stamps the trident she is holding onto the ground and from the ground there appears molten lava, everything is ablaze around us.  The darkness is alight with the flames of the ground burning.

Lilith 1

As I see the burning around me, I feel the burning within me.  The rawness of the heat activating the hidden intensity within my being, it travels up from the legs, to the coccyx, flooding my womb, raging in my stomach, seething in my heart, blasting to my throat and as it reaches my throat, I let out a roar, until my voice shakes.  Until I drop on my knees to the ground exhausted.

She walks over and helps me to my feet.  Her eyes softening to black boulders.  She embraces me as I sob in her arms.  She helps me to a rock where we both sit.  The ground is now crackling but the fire is no longer blazing.  The rock we sit on is warm to the touch but not uncomfortable.

She wipes my tears with her softs hands and I notice her sharp long black nails.

‘Let me tell you my child, my story and in turn you will be able to understand your own with more depth.  I Lilith was created in the likeness of the Divine with Adam.  I was his first wife, yet I would not bow to him.  I was diminished as the demon, the seductress all that is deeply dark about the mystery and lure in a woman.  Humanity was taught to fear me, to fear me within themselves.  Yet by being denied my place I exist as the supressed part of the psyche.  That which is not spoken about, that which is denied the place to exist.  If I am given my rightful place of existence I would not have to lurk in the shadows of your mind and body.  I would be able to come out of the shadows into the clear light of day and be accepted, as part of the wholeness of humanity.  Without the suppression I would no longer need to grip so tight, and then come out in unconscious and cruel act of depravation and violence. ‘

‘My child you are both dark and light, for Eons you have suppressed the part of your darkness.  Too afraid that it will consume you and that you will indulge in depravity.  For Eons you have been told to not be too much, to not indulge in passion to the point that it will consume you.  Yet not realising that you are being denied that wild primal part of self.  To completely ignore that part of self.  Tell me dearest by ignoring this part of you, does it go away.  No, it grows, it becomes a monster that you no longer have control over.’  She jumps up and turns away from me.

‘What if you were to get to know me and you would then come to know, that I all I want to do is help you.  If you tap into my energy you will discover that once you have understood the rage, you can use the passion for love. I only turn into the monster demon because you have labelled me that.   Once you embrace the darkness within, you go beyond the polarity of dark and light into the oneness, where there is no room for separation.  Where only love exists, then you can use the intensity of the energy for love in action. ‘Lilith 4

‘I was denied my place as equal, the feminine, with all her spectrum of being, the unconventional, the mystery, the ferocious, and the wild.  I was replaced by Eve the two dimensional feminine that was obedient and controlled.  How can the feminine be controlled my child? This in itself is a misconception.  Can you see around you that despite all that man is doing to control nature can it really be controlled?  Well tell me my dearest, then can you not see that you cannot be controlled and manipulated once you understand your true nature.  This can only be done through embracing the deep dark part of self the whole of your feminine nature. ‘

‘So dance naked in the rain, make love whilst howling like the wolves, this is your birth right, your deliciousness.  Allow the expression of anger, rage, jealously and hate of another to yourself.  The expression of all that is dark to yourself, not in action to anyone else.  By giving those parts of yourself time, love and space, you will not act them out unconsciously.  Then my dearest you will no longer be afraid of the monster in another, because you will love all that is ferocious in yourself. ‘

With these words she turns to me and we rise to together, she embraces me. Time and space collide as we hold each other and we embrace.  She begins to integrate with me until there is no longer her and I, just one being.  Me in Union with myself.

Embracing Lilith Within Ritual

Lilith 5

This ritual would be best performed in the Moonlight.

You will need a pen and some paper, a container to burn the paper in.  Another container to collect the ash, water and access to soil outside near a plant or tree.

Take some time to yourself and write down all you feel to be the deepest and darkest of thoughts and secrets that you have kept hidden.  Those things that you have not even admitted to yourself, those things that you have wanted to tell others but held deep within yourself.  In the past ashamed to show anyone.  The darkest of thoughts that you have labelled in your own way as being those things you cannot express to any other soul.  Do not censor anything write every little details enjoy the deliciousness of writing all that has been deeply shut inside.  Once written take the paper outside and burn the paper.  Allowing the flames to take those secrets embracing them.  Collect the ash and add the water to the ash making it into a paste.  Make some room in the soil under a plant or tree.  Place the paste into the soil.  With the prayer to Lilith.

‘O Mother of the Earth take all that has come from the depth of my shadow all that I have hidden from even myself.  I have expressed all of those secrets to you and I have unveiled all to you.  I am here naked there is nothing to hide between us.  I now lay them with you to love and embrace. Now there is no separation between us we are one and there is nothing to keep from you.  Thank You.’

Then blow on the paste and cover the paste with the soil.  You can if you wish place a symbolic item such a crystal, ornament etc.

Look after yourself in the few days to come, as there may be feelings that arise from this ritual.  Allow them to flow through ask Lilith to help you. If you would like to have individualised support in this process and would like to uncover your individual connection with your past life, or your connection to Lilith.  Contact Layla at Surya Therapy.

Lilith 3

Love Layla (c) 2016

Art by Unknown Artists

Cover picture by Laberinto Gris



  1. Lilith is My Goddess she rules this world tell me thru email what shall i do beloved to gain dat witch is mine thru my potentcial thru words that move mountains by the key that i possesess thru my tounge how long shall it take for my sucsess to spout out and florish?


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