Dancing Yogini

Dancing Yogini

Dancing Yogini

She dances the Dance of Creation, Her body sways to the Cosmic Beat.

Vibrations from Her movements cause the swirling of the Milky Ways

Bells from Her ankle bracelet shingle to the singing of the Stars

The Universe emerges from the Void of Darkness

Shimmering Galaxies Shine like the Morning Dew

She is Lakshmi Goddess of the Cosmic Dance


She comes to me like an Enchanted Dream, Her promise is the Sweetness of my own Soul.

I cannot resist Her Seductive Dance, my heart beats to the rhythm of Her movement.

Her Velvety Voice calls to me and says;

‘Why are you hiding your wealth, O Priestess of the Universe’

I look at her blankly, taken aback by the name she has called me.

‘Have you forgotten who you are?  You are the beat of this Comic Dance. ‘The whole Universe echoes in response to your breath.  Your wealth cannot be measured in material coins, your treasure is the Eternal wealth of Creation itself. ‘

She looks at me intensely with Her dark eyes in them I loose myself, for they are pools of the Infinite Ocean.  She brings me back as She holds my face in Her cupped hands.

‘What has happened to your self-worth O Priestess of Mine, you have lost yourself in this material world.  You have doubted and mistrusted your own worth, listening to those who were afraid of your Power.  You yourself gave your Power away, your wealth away.’  She rises and stands outstretched in the Dark Night.

‘Now is the time to reclaim your Power, do you think that by disrobing you any mortal man can take your Treasure? You are robed by this very Night itself and there is no Power on this material plane that can ever destroy or diminish your Sacred Flame.  You are the Light of this Cosmic sky, whose beauty is mirrored in the crystal waters of the lakes. Move your body to the beating of your heart, enjoy your sensual and sumptuous self.  Be joyful with the knowing that you My daughter are Mine. Your every cell is intertwined with Me, you are My mirror image.

You are Lakshmi Herself.

With these words She dances around me in circular motion Her movement creating sparks that fly in every direction and form a circle around me, She whirls and whirls taking me into a trance and when I awaken She is gone but in Her energy is pulsating through me.  The spark of creative energy courses through my every cell.

I arise with knowing that I am Wealth Itself.

Much Love

Mumtaz <3

Image by Elisabeth Sophia Fuchs found on Pinterest  elisafox on DeviantArt



  1. Hi! Wοuld you mind if I ѕhare your blⲟg with my facebook group?
    Тhere’s a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content.
    Please let me know. Thanks

    • Hi There
      I don’t mind you sharing my blogs.
      If you could please tag me on my facebook page Surya Therapy.
      Love and Gratitude
      Layla <3


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