Dance of Venus

Dance of Venus

Dance of Venus

Dance for Beloved

You say it is You who pulls at my Heart

It is You I yearn for night and day

That emptiness yearning to be filled with Your presence

It is You that my body, my breath, calls to even in my sleep

That unending longing that my every cell radiates

As if repeating some ancient mantra.


Dance of RainYou say it is You, So where are You?

I only hear your voice yet my body is still cold

I cannot feel your breath upon my skin

Or your wild passionate embrace calming my bewildered heart

I still feel that raging fire within my Soul

That threatens to devour me whole.



I feel a thirst that cannot be quenched by all the water on this plane

A yearning so deep that even by peeling each layer of my skin to my bones

I cannot feel any pain greater.

My Beloved, what am I to do?

What am I to do?

Dance of Fire


You are to Dance, even till your last breath of Yearning. you are to Dance

Allow your Yearning to Devour you

Allow it to consume every part like a ravenous Dragon eating each part of your being from the inside out

When each part of you will be full of longing for Me

You will no longer be you, each cell will be filled with Me

Then My Love there will be no You.



Dance of Venus

After these words flowed through me I found out that there is indeed a dance dedicated to Venus. The pattern of Venus around the Earth portrays a 5-petalled rose when viewed from the geocentric position. Every 8 years, when the Earth and Venus ‘kiss’ to form another petal, Venus presents the same face to the Earth. The dance of the planets: their retrograde motions, synodic periods, distance and orbits present us with patterns that resonate to their essence.  The patterns of Venus are extremely beautiful – the heart and the rose. They reveal the essence of Venus in her role of celestial guardian of love and beauty to those of us here on Earth.

Art by Unknown Artists





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