Claiming your Sovereignty – Chanting Down Babylon

Claiming your Sovereignty – Chanting Down Babylon

Claiming your Sovereignty – Chanting Down Babylon

When you are sitting and allowing, where are your thoughts?
When you are watching the world burn and the only thing that you think of is pleasing others 
Where are your thoughts?

Feel that anger raging inside like a torrent about to consume you 
For this is the wave that you will ride 
What are you waiting for?

For culture to change, for someone to lead you by the hand?
There is no saviour, there are no saints 
You are your only salvation, 
So you want to wait till it’s easier less challenging to step out and declare your sovereignty?

Who said it would be easy?
Who said that you wouldn’t have to watch yourself burn before you rise 
Who said you wouldn’t have to wear a crown of thorns before you wear the roses?

So what you going to do? Sit there and smile while you rage inside?
Or are you going to rise up and reclaim your rightful place?
There is always a choice.

Are you going to allow your demons to dissuade you?

Those faint whisperings in your ears, that you’re not worthy 
Will you use your discernment like a sword?
Cutting away the monsters in your nightmares,

Or are you going to storm the gates of your own mind
For it is only you who has kept yourself prisoner for so long,

So the question is what and who are you going to allow to stop you this Lifetime?

Oracle of Holy Sophia 
Image Chanting down Babylon by Daniel Mirante

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