I am a great believer in the quote by Gandhi  : ‘Be the Change you Wish to see in the World’

So I try my best to look at the world in different ways, and in those perceptions I see that we can only do something for ourselves and our communities. If we all do something we can together transform our World. Through our gatherings with intent to just be with one another, just the intention to create a sacred safe place to be heard to be held.  We can through our Circles lift each others spirits.

I am a Creator of Circles sacred places where Sisterhood can once again be restored.  My belief is that Sisterhood will be something that has been forgotten or misunderstood over time a my deepest of passion is about the restoration of the trust and love between Sisters and men who hold the feminine as sacred. The building of this bridge between the Masculine and Feminine is the way forward for Our planet and our survival. Healing of deep wounds that Patriarchy has instilled both in Men and Women and through the Sisterhood Circles to restore the balance between Masculine and Feminine. Through the coming together of this Sacred Circles to tap into the Collective consciousness of the wounded feminine.  For without this healing we cannot move forward as a Planet and as the human race. It is the women and the men who hold the feminine as sacred who can first empower themselves, and then create the balance and harmony that this World needs.


Art by Selina Fenech