Children of our Future

Children of our Future

Have you noticed how much aware our children and babies these days.  Well there is another phenomena occurring the new children that are coming onto earth presently are more attuned and are at a different frequency of vibrational energy.  They have been sent to Earth to assist with our transition as a human race, to break down old archaic systems, stand up for truth and integrity to unite our humanity.  They are strong personalities and have a highly developed inner compass.  They can sense and understand energy frequencies, and some can be highly sensitive beings that can have an understanding of the environment way beyond their age and understanding.

However when not nurtured accordingly to their needs and exposed to highly toxic environments and not given the right nutrition or space these children can develop issues.  Some of them can develop behaviour difficulties such as becoming introvert or highly withdrawn.  Others can display tantrums more frequently and become disruptive.  Then there are those who develop illnesses such eczema or asthma that are stress and anxiety related.

Creating a supporting environment for these children to develop and become the highly evolved beings that they are and maintaining that level of energy in them can be a real challenge to a parent who doesn’t understand or unintentionally seek other avenues to support their children that can ultimately stifle their abilities and energies.

There are many ways of connecting with children and babies of high frequency energy here are some tips for parents who have discovered their child are highly developed and of a different energy frequency;

  • If as a parent you have noticed your child speaking without using their voice. For example I met a baby recently who was about five months old and when she met me she held my face with both her hand and stared right into my eyes as if reading my soul.  I asked her mother did she do this often to which she replied no, only to one other person and that was her Granddad.   I intuitively was given the message that she is understands energy levels and when finding those that she feels are familiar to her own energy she want to connect with them.  I also discovered that this same little baby spoke using her eyes by blinking she communicated telepathically.    I spoke to her mother and asked her to encourage her daughter to speak to her with her eyes and develop telepathic communication so that she doesn’t lose this skill as she grows and she can then develop it further with each developmental milestone.
  • If your child is seeing things and describing them to you and you cannot see with your conscious vision. There have been many occasions when parents have expressed that their children talk to an invisible friend or are seemingly having conversations with plants or trees.  The advice I give to those parents is talk to your children instead of ignoring their seemingly bizarre behaviour or discouraging them, enter their world ask lots of questions about what they see and allow then to describe their vision to you.  They will be encouraged and feel accepted by your interest as a parent and this will the build a bond between you further and will help nurture this extraordinary skill of seeing multi-dimensional worlds and visualise energy without the barriers that the conscious mind can place.
  • Some children talk about worlds that to us may sound like fantasy or talk about the world today and appear to show a real interest by asking many questions. This may be because of their inner compass they know certain truths to be interpreted differently to them and they rebel or remain confused about the outer world at large.  This can become highly traumatising for the child and they can become alienated and withdrawn or highly rebellious.  As a parent rather than answering the questions continuously, explore with the child why it is that they are asking and how would they want things to be.  You may be highly surprised by the amount of wisdom that you discover that your child has to seemingly complex problems of the world at large.

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