Celestial Fire -New Moon in Leo

Celestial Fire -New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo – Celestial Fire

The Moon kisses the Sun as she brushes past, the passion rises between the lovers growing ever stronger.

Can you feel this passion amplifying within your veins?

A longing so deep it cannot be quenched with the mundane or the mediocre.

The Souls calls for the Divine fruits of depth, of mystery and intrigue. That brings your senses to heightened intensity. As you are plunged into the depth of Darkness.

Nowhere to grasp, nothing to hold onto just space and the abyss

Will you free fall with faith or be devoured by your own fear?

This is no time to hide as the Celestial Fire of the New Moon ravages you.

Allow your bound wings to break free from the cage of illusion and Fly straight into the flames.

The question is, are you going to claim the Sovereign of Divinity that you are,

Or choose to play small to remain chained, imprisoned by victimhood.

Love Layla ©Celstial Fire

Art by Carlos Quevedo – Celestial Fire

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