Today I discovered that even in the breaking of parts of self, and stepping into the mystery of the unknown. There is so much beckoning to us.  If we finely tune into our hearts to listen beyond the sound, to the vibration of love that bind All together. In the same way the sky is held in place without falling.  This vibration of love carries our broken pieces and we become ever evolving form. Dancing in the cosmic waves of existence, morphing and changing, yet held together by sacred threads, woven together with starlight and love.

Broken 3


As fragmented parts of the self-fall away,

The illusion calls holding great comfort in the longing of unlived parts of self,

Yet love is here, right here not some distant past,

And not in the lucid future that beckons with seduction.


In the in between moments of transition, in the breaking there is slight hesitation

Where I ask,

Will I ever come back together again?

Yet your love fills my every cell like a cosmic wave.

So I am shattered in many pieces,

Some parts of me are cast to the wind carrying me across the ocean,

Others parts evaporate into the air, giving fullness to the velvety dusk,

Revived with the morning dew upon the delicate petals of honey suckle.

Even in my breaking there is union with you beloved,

As I am held in your eternal embrace with love


As in my splintering of myself,

I discover I have only broken the external cage

That restricts my flight,

So I fly, I soar into the vast heaven,

Unrestricted into the open window of my Soul


© Layla at Surya Therapy

Pictures from various unknown artists


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