Dearest Souls a very blessed New Moon to you. Venus Transit

This New Moon in Taurus is a powerful portal, when entered with awareness you can utilise the energy and power for growth of consciousness.  Earthy Taurus is ruled by Venus, the energy is all about how you can bring the energy of love into this incarnation of human being-ness.

In the past I have spoken about the descent of power. Why is descent into the underworld so important for the self?
Because without descending from the higher chakras into the lower ones into the depths of our being we cannot manifest into the physical on the Earthly planes those Divine plans.
So much is written about the Rising of the Kundalini energy yet without the descent there can be no actual grounding of these energies.
The descent into the depth of our body is where the gateway to the Universe exists within the self.  In Tao this is deep space within is called the Hara. Hara is the seat of Life, the centre of intrinsic energy. It is also referred to as a state of mind in the development of one’s character. One who controls the hara is not likely to lose their balance or composure. Does not consume or spend energy completely.  Learns to anchor energy in the hara, and can shake off disturbances, of the body and mind and return to the deeper power of the “original being”.  The will is silent, the heart is quiet; and one accomplishes work naturally without effort. Allowing Divine will to flow through without resistance.

The Hara is located at the navel, about two inches inwards from the skin. It is the gateway into the etheric envelope surrounding the planet. This portal is called the Hara by the Taoists and is very often referred to in martial arts. Hara means ‘sea of energy’ and this is exactly what it is. The etheric envelope is like an infinite ocean of energy. It is no coincidence that as a fetus you were fed through the navel. In fact you could still feed (on energy) through the Hara if you were to open all energetic blockages in the belly.

In the coming weeks I will explore further with you Dear souls how we can access the Hara energy, and how we can utilise it to work in unity with Divine Will experiencing Union and groundedness within ourselves.  In order to manifest Divine will into the Earth plane by using our body as the Sacred Temple it was always meant to be.  In the meantime on this New Moon night contemplation and awareness is enough to awaken the memory already existing within the body and heart.

Poetry, music, dance and stories by pass our brain they awaken and activate deep in our psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. They hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also helps us uncover truth within ourselves.

My gift to you is this creative mystical poetry that flowed through after accessing the Hara energy within.

Transforming Light


Through the mist of my mind, no longer able to see clearly through clarity,

I grasp at the aching of my heart, it whispers words of wisdom, yet I cannot hear it.

In the vast abyss I hear a distant sound.

My body reacts being pulled by this celestial calling.

Each cell vibrates, as if dancing within itself.

Instead of searching for clarity I surrender to this unknown sound.

Following the stirring within myself, not knowing where it will lead.

Each impulse, each beckoning capturing my senses, mesmerised by the magnetic seduction.

Like a snake unable to resist the flute of the charmer.

I sway and weave to the vibration, the pulsating wave washing over me,

Yet drawing me up with each incline.

Bright night

The drawing up of me stretching of my heart, it is torn into pieces each place of transparency,

Allowing you to shine through.

As your enchantment enthrals me, encapsulating my every cell.

Till each membrane within my body vibrates to the sound of You.

In this sweet melody my physical body, Can no longer contain infinity.

As my Soul soars into the space between Life and Death, dancing at the threshold in Ecstasy.


Art by Flora Aube




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