Aradia Queen of the Witches – Blue Samhain Moon

Aradia Queen of the Witches – Blue Samhain Moon

As I sat writing these words I kept hearing the wind howling outside. It was carrying with it the such a vibration that although my ears could not fully hear, my body could feel. At first I recoiled and became fixated by my own discomfort, I continued to listen until the vibration was coming from inside my being. My blood, my bones, the internal rhythms of my body humming a sound that was familiar yet unknown to my senses. It was a sound that deep within the chasms of my being I held a cellular memory of. A calling so rapturous that I was held in its magnetism, even my breath as if caught up in the spell of its binding. It was deep within these caverns, in the labour of my own breath catching, that the words started to form. The words were etched in my skin from the inside out, each syllable formed from the wounds and scars that were given through and space time to those that held the Sacred ways. It was in this moment of realisation that I was able to connect to that part of myself that held the memories of torture, of suffering,of burning, the grinding of bones, the unspeakable horrors. I heard a voice deep inside me say, ‘You are opening the chamber that holds the records of the all the women and men that were persecuted for revering the feminine. Those were labelled witches and wizards, those who were torn from their families and communities throughout space and time, to be killed slowly and mercilessly. Yet it is time to reconcile, to heal to bring those memories up to the Full Moon where they can be healed, where these Souls can be celebrated. ‘

The witches were women and some men,  some were children, they were all condemned to eternal damnation. Yet now is the time where they are remembered, they are called back into our consciousness. So that they can be celebrated, for those that tried to eradicate these beings were not successful. In fact those that heralded such atrocities, inadvertently contributed to the awakening of our collective psyche. Those that were killed have been reborn, rekindled and their Souls shine luminous through Eternity.  This Blue Moon is a catalyst of that energy that at Samhain as the year ends. We will celebrate, we will rejoice, those Witches that live on in our blood, in our bones in the fabric of our very being as Our Ancestors.

I have been connected to Aradia for some time now, and this Blue Moon her energy comes through strongly. Here is what is known of Aradia, sourced through wikipedia;

Aradia is one of the principal figures in the American folklorist Charles Godfrey Leland’s 1899 work Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches, which he believed to be a genuine religious text used by a group of pagan witches in Tuscany, a claim that has subsequently been disputed by other folklorists and historians. In Leland’s Gospel, Aradia is portrayed as a Messiah who was sent to Earth in order to teach the oppressed peasants how to perform witchcraft to use against the Roman Catholic Church and the upper classes.

Aradia has become an important figure in Wicca as well as some other forms of Neo-Paganism. Some Wiccan traditions use the name Aradia as one of the names of the Great Goddess, Moon Goddess, or “Queen of the Witches”.Portions of Leland’s text influenced the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, especially the Charge of the Goddess.[18] Alex Sanders invoked Aradia as a moon goddess in the 1960s. Janet and Stewart Farrar used the name in their Eight Sabbats for Witches and The Witches’ Way. Aradia was invoked in spellcraft in Z. Budapest’s The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries.

Aradia is a central figure in Stregheria, an “ethnic Italian” form of Wicca introduced by Raven Grimassi in the 1980s. Grimassi claims that there was a historical figure called “Aradia di Toscano”, whom he portrays as the founder of a revivalist religion of Italian witchcraft in the 14th century.

Aradia was the daughter of Diana, yet to know Aradia is to delve into yourself.

I leave you with the passages from the Gospel of Aradia;

The spirit of the Great One is Love,

And Love damns not but blesses.

I am the daughter of the Sun and the Moon,

I am the Earth.

I am the Love of freedom, which is the Love of the Gods,

And whoever shall believe in me, the same shall be,

A child of the Mother and Father who dwell in all things.

Gospel of Aradia

Love Always Layla <3

Art by Toni Carmine Solerno

This Blue Moon Samhain Ritual

Beautiful Souls to gain the full energy download of this auspicious Moon, I have attached a link of a very powerful piece of pagan music.

Conduct a ceremony of the Soul, in whatever way feels nourishing to your being and this music will help guide you into a state where you are travelling between worlds and between the veil.

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