About Us

Mumtaz Layla is a  health professional trained in Clinical Psychotherapy and has been working with children and families in the Looked after System for over 20 years.
She specialises in working with young people and adults, around issues of self harm, eating disorders, trauma and attachment disorders, issues around relationships  and Post traumatic stress disorder.  Working with clients to help with their confidence and self esteem, and overall well being.
Mumtaz  Layla Sodha ~Trained in Holistic Psychotherapy is the Lead Consultant and Creator of Surya Therapy. Specialising in working with young women who have experienced trauma.
Psychotherapy sessions are assessed on an individual basis.
We welcome clients referrals from NHS or GP Practices.
Please contact Us at Surya Therapy for more information about the assessment process and any other queries regarding accessing Psychotherapy Sessions.