Mumtaz Layla  Sodha – Founder of Surya Therapy


Mumtaz Layla is an intuit, holistic psychotherapist, Reiki Master, Oracle  and writer

Layla is the spiritual name that was given to Mumtaz and the oracle from which she works.

Layla  has dedicated her life to awakening and reclaiming the Feminine rebalancing of the Sacred Masculine energy. In order for Sacred Marriage to occur within the Self.

Her work is about empowering men and women to reclaim fragmented parts of themselves. She is a catalyst for growth and healing.   Through connecting with stories of the Soul, the opening up and re remembering can happen from cell memory.

She has been mentored by highly evolved beings and teachers and has been trained in Usui Reiki and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and Astrology. She has had many past lives as an Oracle, Priestess and the traveling Mystic throughout ancient civilisations.  The Oracle that she channels is from the Cosmic Consciousness.

The core of her practice is about supporting others to view their journey on Earth, as a journey from their Self to their Self. Igniting the passion within by reading or hearing the sacred stories and poetry, taking the sacred mystical journey

Her work is about bringing together Modern Alchemy with Ancient Healing through the modalities of Psychotherapy, Reiki, Astrology & Healing Arts.

If you want to see more of her intuitive writing please access Surya Therapy Blogs and also visit the Surya Therapy facebook page.