About Me

Hi I am Mumtaz Layla, Layla is the spiritual name that was given me as I moved into a different phase of my journey. The reason I named my site Surya is because it means the Sun in ancient vedic, I see myself as a being of Light. Here to be a Lighthouse to whoever is guided to my Light.

When I was a child I felt disconnected from the life outside of myself, compared to the feelings within me. The world I lived in within my own reality, was very different to the life I experienced through other people. As a child I would experience communicating with other beings of nature, and I never questioned this. Till I started to want to belong with the world outside of myself, and come away from my own inner world. I chased others for recognition and love, all the while going further and further from myself. Until the connection I had felt with the other beings of light faded away. I no longer could manifest, or feel that creativity that would come so easily before this disconnection. I went through a dark period of my life. Through this darkness, I felt I was reborn. Over time I rediscovered and connected with my core being. As a result I once again could connect with the beings of light and nature that are all around us.

I was guided to live a life to awakening and reclaiming the Feminine and rebalancing of the Sacred Masculine energy. Firstly within myself, then I started to work with the land and with nature as my ally in co creation. My work is about empowering men and women to reclaim fragmented parts of themselves. My aim is to be the catalyst for growth and healing.   Through storytelling, sharing knowledge and connecting with stories of the Soul, the opening up and re remembering from cell memory can occur. This is the practice I now share with others, whoever are guided to me through their own Souls.

I have been mentored by highly evolved beings and teachers and have been trained in Usui Reiki, Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy, Archaeology and Astrology.

The core of my practice is about supporting others to view their journey on Earth, as a journey from their Self to their Self. Igniting the passion within by reading or hearing the sacred stories and poetry, taking the sacred mystical journey. Helping people to make that connection through conscious travelling, using the sacred powers of the energy portals on Earth, and those created at specific times of the Cosmic cycle by celestial planetary and Cosmic alignments. I work with crystals and ley lines, these are energy lines that are present all over the our Mother Earth. I work with nature, the stars and the seasons. If there were words to describe myself, I would say I am an Alchemist, Mystic and Storyteller. A child born on Earth from the Stars. Nature is my temple. Whatever I feel in my bones I share with those that are called to listen. The knowings are forever changing and growing as I change and evolve.

So Dearest Soul if you are here reading this then Thank You for being here. Please take whatever feeds your Heart and share whatever you feel stirs your being. All I ask is if you share please do so with respect and give a mention of the  source from my website or work. I thank you in advance.

If you want to see more of her intuitive writing please access Surya Therapy Blogs and also visit the Surya Therapy facebook page.