New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Return from the Underworld

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Return from the Underworld

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo – Return from the Underworld

On the 12th  September we are going to experience a major shift of energy, a pivotal point for our beautiful Planet as a collective consciousness, and also on an individual level.  The New Moon in Virgo is given extra energy by the Solar Eclipse.  New Moons are all about new beginnings and Eclipses are cosmic phenomenon that escalate energy.  The New Moons are in essence, when there is no visible Moon and so there is an experience complete darkness in the night skies.  The Solar Eclipse is all also about the Moon shadowing the Sun causing darkness. If that wasn’t enough energetically, the Eclipse is in the north node meaning that its influence is stronger.  The whole element of darkness conjures up the image of the Underworld.

Black Moon Lilith is in the north node of the Moon as well as the New Moon being in Virgo.  The Goddess, the feminine is emerging out of the Underworld Virgo’s energy is feminine. Ancient cultures have worshipped the constellation of Virgo and the myths behind the sign that symbolises nature, harvest, and agriculture. Venus has also just emerged from her retreat into the Underworld and she is also now ascending.  This is an intense time dear friends!!! A shift in our consciousness being uploaded by the Eclipse, as the Feminine revealing herself to us within ourselves. She is allowing us to grieve all has been lost whilst she was in the Underworld.  We must go through this process of grieving   In order to allow the healing, to balance the feminine and masculine within ourselves.

This amazing and potent time will affect us all, as this is a time of epic new beginnings.  Even if these new beginning have not manifested into out outer world, there will be internal shifts.  It will be an incredibly deep and emotional time, a time of purging and releasing.  A time of identifying things that needs to be changed as Virgo’s energy is all about discernment and discrimination.  So without being able to identify what it is that you want to change you cannot change.  The darkness will delve into the depth of our souls.  It will be a time of grieving and sorrow, allow yourselves to grieve for all that you wanted in life and didn’t receive.  For all that you lost, for all that you will never have.  The mistakes, the lessons, the heartbreaks grieve for it all.  The Mother of all will hold us through this process.  Our beautiful Gaia will hold us through this deeply emotional time.  It is important throughout this time to go out in nature.  Even if it means touching a plant or tree, walking near water, allowing the natural landscapes around us to heal us and hold us through this release.

This time will be like a mystery revealing as the light reveals the Moon, as it begins to wax till the Full Moon.  The Eclipse will upgrade our DNA, our consciousness, it will allow us to delve deep to see more of ourselves.  In two weeks’ time on the 27 th September there will be a Lunar Eclipse called a Blood Moon in Aries.  This will be the heralded as dawning of the new day.  So this is our time Dear Friends to embrace ourselves through this process, as with new beginnings there is often loss of all that was.  Yet it reveals the glory of who we are within, and shows us that all that we are externally is forever changing and only that Eternal Soul is our real identity.

Keeping you all in my thoughts

So Much Love

© Mumtaz <3


  1. Beautiful post…thank you <3 Aleya

    • You are so Welcome Dear Aleya <3


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