Sophia and Logos – The Coronation of the Divine Child

Sophia and Logos – The Coronation of the Divine Child

Sophia and Logos – The Coronation of the Divine Child 

In Gnostic tradition, Sophia is a feminine figure, analogous to the human soul but also simultaneously one of the feminine aspects of God. Gnostics held that she was the consort of Jesus Christ the Bride of Christ, and Holy Spirit of the Trinity. Logos is the name given to God. Herios Gamos is the alchemy of marriage between God and Goddess that is creation itself.

Before reading this channelled piece of writing, please sit in a quiet place. When you read these words they activate deep in your psyche re remembering of deep cell memory. Stories hold the key to our subconscious world and they bypass our conscious in order to go deeper within our psyche. This has a more lasting effect and also help us uncover truth within ourselves. You the reader are the main character in this story. These sacred stories send you into a deep meditative state that connect you to the Divine within yourself and unlock deep mysteries within,

We begin

In between the rising of the Sun and the setting of the Moon I hear the morning call of prayer. I rise out of bed and look out of the window over the rooftops of Istanbul glistening against the interplay of night and day. The Sun is rising from the East over the Hagia Sophia as the Moon sets in the West over the blue mosque. In the distance I see a shining light, as it gets closer I see her in her glorious form approaching me through the horizon. She glides across the luminescent skies to join me on the balcony. Her golden hair blowing with the sea breeze.

In awe of her beauty I drop to my knees and she lifts me gently saying softly; Golden Veiled Sophia

‘No my dearest you do not bow to anyone.’

Her golden eyes are ablaze with the galaxies and the light of a thousand suns.
She beckons me to come and holds her hand out to me. We glide through the skies as it is somewhere in between night and day. She takes me to Hagia Sophia and I am both curious and bewildered. It is silent each of stained glass windows glow in the golden and silvery light and it is transformed into a temple of radiance.

I look at her and ask with my eyes
‘Why are we here?’
She smiles and answers
‘Do you not now my love? You are in my temple, the temple of Sophia,’

She walks directly under the glass windows as they gleam and send through the streams of light forming beams of jewelled and crystal lustrous luminance filling the space, as she stepped into this light. It radiates luminescent that transcends time and space. She beckoned me over to step to this light. As I step into its glow, it encompasses me as if entering every cell of my DNA and activating deep cell memory. My very sense is heightened as if woken up from slumber.

I hear in the distance horses and through the window of the light I see him approaching in a golden chariot. . He stops by her side and step onto the marble floor. I am speechless for I have never seen this magnificence figure of golden light. They look deeply into each eyes before me and turn to me.
Sophia speaks ‘Do not be alarmed dearest my love, for you are now in the presence of Logos’ Logos

They step towards me hand in hand, the love between them ablaze with both intensity and electricity. Magnetic and yet soft and sumptuous. They envelope me in their embrace and I feel both Sophia and Logos each on either side of me. I feel as if uniting some lost part of myself.

They both stroke my hair and seat me down
Sophia speaks; ‘Come our child of Divinity, you are born from both the Sun and the Moon, we know you have much to ask us, come let us sit.’
As we sit I examine Logos he is strong and masculine, his golden hair falling over his shoulders and his eyes intense as golden as Sophia’s and immersed in love.

He speaks ‘My child do not be alarmed I understand that you are wary of me as you have only heard about a God who full of vengeance not love. Yet I am not that.’
He moves closers and holds my hand in his and looks into my eyes and says, ‘ I have always loved you my dearest, I understand that you have been scarred by your many lifetimes and you have endured loss of power, life, dignity and loved ones through my name, yet I am not that.

Tears falls from my eyes and he cups my face and he wipes my tears.
‘Know my dearest one I have never left you, I have been misrepresented and am I not that which has been portrayed in my name.’
I sob with the connection to the pain of many eons and he holds me tight in his strong and sturdy arms.

‘Dear One I am your Father, please forgive the deeds that have been done in my name. Do not hold yourself separate from me, you do not need to please me or fight me in order to survive. You just need to recognise me within you, for without embracing the Masculine within yourself you cannot become whole. The Sun and Moon within must unite, without this harmony within, there cannot not be harmony in this world. ‘

We sit for a while all three of us sobbing together of all that had transpired on this planet and through Eons of time and space, to mourn all that had come to pass, all that had been lost.

As we sit they talk to me of Sophia and Logos. That creation itself was born out of their love for each other. Yet as time transpired mankind forgot about their love for one another and created a masculine God that denied any femininity. They talked about Hagia Sophia being the last place where Sophia was adorned. The city that bridges two continents of Asia and Europe the gateway holds the wisdom to Sophia and Logos, it is now being activated. Re remembered as only through this remembering can humanity be saved. They talk about the conflict between the Western and Eastern hemisphere and that Hagia Sophia is the merging of the two. A place where Christianity and Islam are seen together in unity. More of this must happen in order for human kind to expand their consciousness.

I look at them and ask, ‘’But there is so much going on what can I do?
They both place their hands over my heart and say,
’Stay with your heart, there is no power greater than love, spread this message of love and the help people to know the love within themselves. To remove blocks in themselves, that separate them from themselves. ‘

Chanting Down BabylonWith these words they both help me stand and they both place their hands over my head a luminescent light glows through my body. As each chakra is activated with love and Divine wisdom. They both usher to me and say;

‘Now you are ready, you are the keys to the Mysteries of Creation. Born from the love of both God and Goddess, child of humanity and Divinity you are the bridge between the Cosmos and Earth. Reclaim your glory and power’.

With these words they whole of the Hagia Sophia is filled with golden light and with celestial music. All of the Celestials beings are present that fill the temple as they applaud and celebrate. I look around in wonder at all the support and love that I am surrounded with.
Sophia says,
‘You are not alone, we all with you dearest.’

As the Sun dawns the Hagia Sophia is silent and I am now alone yet filled with such love and wholeness I stand and look up through the sunlit windows. To the dawning of another day.

© Written with Love by Mumtaz <3
Art work by Daniel Mirante

Cover Picture – Longing
Pic 1 – Golden Veiled Sophia
Pic2 – Logos
Pic 3 – Chanting Down Babylon


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